Computer Repairs


Is your computer moving slowly, groaning in pain and dragging its feet? It could have picked us a virus or other type of malware while you were adventuring out in cyberspace. Fortunately, unlike a zombie, an infected computer can be cured. Let us take a spin through our hard drive and see if we can help by removing any viruses and spyware.


It’s like an oil change for your computer. Let TNYT keep everything running smoothly.


Whether it’s a lightning bolt or a spilled cup of coffee, you never know when your computer is going to get fried. Take preventative action and have TNYT keep all your data safe and secure.


Mmm computer repair. We can service most major brands and can handle almost any computer-related repair .

From Fixing PC’s and Mac’s. 

Optimizing Windows to Secure Networking. 

For all Your Pc/Mac Needs One Experienced and Certified Tech Service. 

With Over 250+ Customers in NYC and 13+ Years Experience as Full Time Desktop Technician.

With Certification like Microsoft, Apple Certified.

No one Gives you “Better Price with Quality Work”  as we do.

With Flat Price House Call, No one can beat the price with same day onsite visit.

No Hourly Rates means No Additional Cost like other stores do.

Schedule with your convenience 7 Days a Week ( 10am – 5pm )

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